Unemployment and The Empty Desk

Don’t reduce unemployment, GET RID OF IT.

Unemployment is a breeding ground for criminality and an excuse for the System to justify its departure from working with nature. If you had unemployment in your business, your business would not survive. We have unemployment on our planet – Guess what? Unemployment = out of communication and you know what happens when “things” go out of communication – they become free radicals! It’s the type of Empty Desk that we don’t want. A genuine Empty Desk is empty of clutter, not empty of activity!

Unemployment Ltd., is this not the Answer:

Employment’s fluctuating fortunes continue. As relentless strides toward, profitability, technical excellence, and cutting costs intensify, the problems worsen. These strides move at such a rate that once “off the ladder” it is difficult for the disaffected to re-engage in any capacity. Attempts are made with Major Company initiatives, training, and voluntary work opportunities, not to mention re-introduction schemes, but these are a poor relation to full time employment within a fully functioning community.

Yes, a fully functioning community; that sounds rather wholesome doesn’t it? How would such a community function. For a start, it would act as a whole – or one. No fully functioning community would allow elite sectors to “encompass the global spoils” while beleaguered fragments large in number but small in representation fight insignificantly to try and “join in the fun”. Is there a way in which this long time problem could be ended once and for all?

The Empty Desk works on the principle that what is right in natural terms, will not take any time to picture and that the organization and operation will not be difficult to arrange. This is a truth only ever confounded by self interest dressed up as “living in the real world”. This self interest will end up destroying the real world – Planet Earth.

Let us present a simple theoretical model based on the no time principle. In the case of unemployment this would be – set up a Company named Unemployment Ltd., which would then employ all of the unemployed people in the community. That would be the end of unemployment in the community. In practice, perhaps a more positive name could be found for a Company that would serve the whole nation. However, for the purpose of explanation, the name that has been quoted here works fine.

Sounds too simplistic doesn’t it, but now let’s look at this concept in much finer detail. Major Companies are currently running initiatives for job opportunities. Such Companies could be shareholders in the new Company. The unemployed are skilled in a variety of occupations, not just one, i.e. Inventors, Entrepreneurs (not yet identified as part of the existing system, let alone a new one), Executive and Managerial posts, Scientists, Plumbers, Electricians, Commercial Artists and many other different trades. This new Company could have more talent than many others. A lot of qualified useful people could be and are out of work because of their lack of management, administrative, or promotional skills. Under the umbrella of a much larger organization employing people with those skills, technical talent would be back in the workplace doing what it does best – Work.

The reference to a single Company is in itself theoretical. It could be 15, 20, or more Companies, depending on what is best suited. The principle is the same though – all embracing and linked up. Such a structure, as the one suggested, would be offering all sorts of skills, giving the community improved availability of products and services. Training programs introduced would be able to focus on improving the quality of a complete working community, rather than trying to “kick start” an impossible project into action. The community would grow together. The whole work market would be interacting and competing positively. Self respect and sense of purpose would replace depression and depravation. This results in additional revenue for HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) – relating to the UK.

Current training programs work on the “real world” focus of reducing unemployment, by teaching those made redundant new skills. Many unemployed people do not need to learn new skills, they just need to get on with their own. A lot of the unemployed could probably teach the employed a thing or two. It is not new skills that are needed it is jobs. There is no point in training someone if they have nothing to do when they “qualify”. In the “real world” education always becomes popular when there is not enough work about. In the “real world” when there are more than enough jobs the focus changes to people just getting on with doing them. Is it therefore that in the “real world” qualification depends on the ratio between jobs and people rather than on technical expertise? Study is very productive, but it is not production.

Identity is another problem that could be tackled here with a National Insurance Card, with a photograph, to represent the person. Every person over a given age to have their own NI number stated on their NI Identity Card. National Insurance already identifies a person by their own National Insurance Number, so it is only a short hop from there to full identification – with a photograph and a signature.

It has become accepted practice for a Company, in the interests of “cutting costs”, to make loyal employees (who built up the Company) redundant; maybe by way of a simple text message. This is very expedient for the Company, but who pays for the damage? Ownership of Unemployment Ltd. will leave the business sector paying for its own “waste disposal”. Then Government will be free to get on with running the Country, rather than helping to feed into a lot of business’s in the Country.

The business sector could take over the responsibility of the people, at work, subject to Government control, not so as to have Laissez-faire in full swing for competing business giants – they have their own interests at heart.

Enormous amounts of money are handed out by Government, to people who are aimlessly trying to do more than just exist. For many years the population of the UK was 52,000,000. In an environment of the UK now generally working as a service industry, increasingly utilizing resources overseas, and using ever improving computer equipment at home, all of which reduce the need for employment at home, this figure is now approximately 62,000,000. Projections issued by The Office for National Statistics (ONS) illustrate that by 2018 the UK population will have increased to 66,300,000 and by 2033 to 71,600,000.

It must be obvious to anyone with the ability to use a calculator, or who is good at mental arithmetic, or basic organization for that matter, that the current way in which our population is utilized cannot continue. All that seems to have been established by Company employment over the last 50 years is that employment is identified as “Human Resources” rather than “Personnel”. Recent developments under the new banner are taking great strides in tackling the problem, but there is a long way to go and will these developments ever solve the problem as a whole?

You have a choice – more unemployed or Unemployment Ltd. Entrepreneurial expansion, and the ability of existing Companies/Corporations to expand, will not solve the overall unemployment scene alone. This is a group activity, encompassing the Community and Commerce. Currently, the term “Human Resources” relates to employed people + those in reserve should they be required. People are looked upon as a commodity, not people who have a right to work. The existing system, entrepreneurial or otherwise, does not have the structure to encompass all the work that needs to be done, by all the people available to do it. The existing system “Spearheads” in peaks and troughs. Our own universe is one complete universe, irrespective of what is going on within. Is it 20% of the UK’s working population that are out of work? Imagine how the Organization you work in would look, if 20% of it’s people were walking around disconnected from what was really happening?

So there The Empty Desk presents a theoretical model for a solution to the problem of unemployment. Is it the actual solution? One thing is for sure, the problem is not theoretical and turning “Personnel” into “Human Resources” won’t solve it.

There is a big wide world out there and much to do on it – much to achieve, much to sort out. With Unemployment Ltd. you have the structure as a whole.

Let’s not fall into the same trap though as the initiative, offered by Lady Thatcher, to give every person the chance to run their own business did. Lady Thatcher like most, if not all of us – all but the multi-national Companies that is, thought that the business giants were going to co-operate. The corporate view however was fear of losing their market share. Those new businesses “the individual in the street” were attacked with ferocity and largely put out of business by varying muscle flexing tactics – late payment etc. This is why the concept of Unemployment Ltd. is so important. Let’s not have another “Bloodbath”. Let’s get it right this time, with a fully functioning community!!!



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