The Benefits

1/ Enables you to keep an immediate check on the pattern of your activities and spending.

2/ Immediately identifies overspending in any given activity, leaving you to work out why and rectify the problem.

3/ The constant reconciliation process helps to identify fraudulent activity on your bank account.

 4/ Keeps all of your documents as needed for bookkeeping or inspection by HMRC in one place and enables immediate identification with item on statement.

 5/ Clears your head of the interactive processes and calculations caused by you being part of an unnecessary and complicated coordination of paperwork. Everything is in one place and is linked to it’s relative documentation – No searching necessary. The paperwork is aligned so that the administrator does not have to be part of the interactive process. The administrator, not being part of any searching or alignment process, can now be in control of the administrative workings implemented. A person cannot be part of something and in control of it at the same time.

6/ Enables swift listing for research, reports, or required calculations e.g. budgeting or submission of Tax Returns. Standard lists and reports can be updated daily, from the Lever Arch File.

7/ Eliminates paperwork clutter in and around the office, or home. All your paperwork is linked up and in one place.

 8/ Inefficient systems put into a Computer just speed up the inefficiency. The Empty Desk principles can be applied on a Computer also.

9/ Easy and accurate submission of documentation to your accountant, or to any authority requesting data. Your accountant can now easily obtain relevant data required, without you having to prepare anything/ find any documents relating to what is in the Lever Arch File.

10/ With all the documents in one place, direct banking data marked on the back of each Monthly Divider, and items not reconciled on the Bank Statement being on file, you are in a position to quickly work out/ see your true account balance.

11/ If you do not have all the documents to a transaction, you can put what you have in place and the rest will automatically align later when found.

12/ With the extra space in your environment it is a start to bringing your workload within the working day.

13/ With less traffic going on in your head, you can focus more clearly on your direction in life. People can see you, not you plus your administration.

14/ You are more in touch with the make up of what is going on and not just looking at a set of figures on Computer. This more readily gives you – “The Reason Why!”.

15/ Retention of relevant documents in one place acts as a reflection and enables you to see whether your income is in line with what you need and whether you are following your correct purpose or not.





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